Corporate Fixed Deposits

Fixed Deposit is the most popular investment choice in India. Like Banks, RBI permits selective corporates & NBFCs to accept deposits for a fixed interest rate and tenure. Such deposits are called Company or Corporate Fixed Deposit.

In these times of high market volatility and uncertain returns, Corporate FDs help you secure your future financially with fixed, predictable returns. Investors can choose to earn regular income with pay-out option or accumulate capital through cumulative option.

At EquitySeeds, we offer Investors access to ‘AAA’ rated corporate FDs which denotes High Safety and Low Risk. Invest Now and make the most of your hard earned money!

Benefits of investing in Corporate FDs:
Get Fixed, Predictable returns
Ideal for Regular Income
Higher returns
Diversification based on risk appetite
Flexible Tenure and Interest Rates
Safe from Market volatility

We will offer complete advice on which corporate FD is a better investment based on risk appetite, returns expectation, and taxing.

Happy investing with us!

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