Futures Trading Advisory

Futures trading is one of the most popular form of making money from stock market today. It is a high-leverage and cost-effective way of speculating a stock or index.

Basics to know, before you start Futures trading:

Before developing a strategy for futures trading, you should take the time to consider your capital investment and risk appetite.
Demo and trial-trade accounts are great for refining your strategies. With virtual money, you will develop your trading skills more effectively.
Ideally, open a trading account with a reputable broker. After that, you will be connected to the appropriate exchanges, such as the National Stock Exchange or Bombay Stock Exchange, and can begin trading.
Open a Trading Account with our Broking and Advisory Partner:
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Our Suggestion:

We suggest that you should ideally have INR 2.5 Lakhs to INR 300 Lakhs in cash balance for trading in futures. This is because, you may not want the position getting auto squared off due to negative Daily MTM settlement.

If market volatility is extreme high, you are at a high risk. Hence, avoid forced trading in Futures.

Keep a minimum of 1:2 as a risk reward ratio before you trade a particular futures contract.

Why Choose Us?

EquitySeeds Consultants makes sure each and every aspect of a trade is studied well before we advice our clients to trade on our advice. Also, we have a great track record of offering decent returns to our clients in futures trading.

Choose the right option, choose us.

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