Private Lockers

*****Currently available only in Mira Road, Mumbai. We would have more branches opened in future.

A private locker can be described as a safe place where people can store all their precious valuables, liquid cash, property documents, essential certificates, or valuable jewelry pieces.

While talking about the private lockers, the most critical queries we come across include “what are the benefits?” or “is it worth it?” and “how to choose what is best for us?”

Benefits of having a Private Locker-

Safer than at home

Both even and odds exist regarding whether your valuables are that safe in your house. Losses due to natural calamity or accidents and other unlikely happenings are reduced to chances in a million.

Sense of security

Be it a your educational or identification certificates, people are always under the stress of losing or destroying them unintentionally, so it is better to store them down at a private locker.

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