Different types of Financial planning process

It’s a tough and disciplined task to plan anything financial. This article will discuss some of the different kinds of financial planning every person should know and understand. Among the categories of financial planning are sourcing finances, assessing your financial needs, calculating the risk factor, and coming up with a plan to achieve your financial […]
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What are the best long term investments?

Investing can help you put money away for retirement, a down payment, or college expenses. As your money grows over time, you don’t have to invest as much. Starting investing as soon as you can is best – even today. First, make sure you’re paying off your high-interest debt, and make sure you’ve got an […]
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Fund allocation process for stock and crypto traders

Knowing how much funds to allocate towards a particular trade/investment forms one of the most essential part of growing wealth while managing your risk. “To manage risk during volatility its important that your trading and investment activities are time allocated.” You can create three buckets to allocate the funds: Short-term bucket Medium-term bucket Long-term bucket […]
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