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Corporate fixed deposits are the deposits made over a fixed period with a fixed interest. However, the terms and conditions may vary from company to company. Fixed deposits vary in tenures, interest rates, and even different tenure deals to satisfy your financial needs.

Why go for corporate fds?
Higher returns

It is ideal for those looking for higher returns.

Easily functional

Be it a minor, one can easily open their account.

 You even deposit either through an online or offline medium by submitting application forms or KYC details.

What are the reasons behind choosing Equity Seed Consultants for corporate fixed deposits?

  • Well! We can give you a whole bunch of great reasons. We give you higher return rates and even better customer-friendly conditions.
  • Are you a minor or a senior citizen? It does not matter. We will always provide you with the support you need and the return rates you want.


Happy investing with us!

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