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Crypto Trading & Farming Advisory

The term cryptocurrency refers to any form of currency that is digitally or virtually decentralized and secure through cryptography. The cryptocurrency industry does not have a centralized issuing or regulating authority. Instead, decentralized systems are used to track transactions and create new units. How does cryptocurrency work? Blockchain, a ledger with a global record of […]
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Futures Trading Advisory

Futures trading is one of the most popular form of making money from stock market today. It is a high-leverage and cost-effective way of speculating a stock or index. Basics to know, before you start Futures trading: Before developing a strategy for futures trading, you should take the time to consider your capital investment and […]
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Goal Based Investing

Goals-based investing or Goal-driven investing is simply a process of defining the financial goal, timeline to achieve them and making regular investment towards it. Goals can be any of the following based on timeframe: Short-term: a period of a few months to a year. It includes short-term objectives. It includes cases like buying a car. […]
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