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Options trading is becoming insanely popular with traders since it allows them to earn a good income while hedging risk. Additionally, options trading provides many traders with the opportunity to hedge risks, speculate on high yield stocks, and earn income.

It is more complex to trade stock options than to trade stocks. In addition, it takes more steps to open an options trading account than a typical investment account because options trading requires understanding advanced strategies.

Basics to know, before you start options trading:

Open an options trading account.
If you're going to trade options, you have to prove you're competent. The capital requirements for opening an options trading account are higher than those required for opening a brokerage account for stock trading.
Pick which options to buy or sell
Call options, or put options, are contracts that give you the right but not the obligation to buy stocks at a predetermined price within a specified period.
Predict the option strike price
The purchase of an option is worthless if the stock price does not close in the money at the option's expiration. In addition, the strike price must be above or below that.
Determine the option time frame
Expiration periods indicate when each option can be exercised. It's impossible to just make up a date on the fly.
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How traders usually research an option contract before trading?

Our Suggestion :

We suggest that you have Rs. 1 lakh to Rs. 3 lakhs in cash balance for trading in options, because if you do a credit spread you will not have much funds left in account to trade a debit spread.

If market volatility is extreme high, you are at a high risk. Hence, avoid forced trading in options.

Keep a minimum of 1:2 as a risk reward ratio before you trade a particular options contract.

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EquitySeeds Consultants makes sure each and every aspect of a trade is studied well before we advice our clients to trade on our advice. Also, we have a great track record of offering decent returns to our clients in options trading.

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