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Investors rely most on Portfolio Management Services. With slight variations, most brokerage firms and investment advisors offer this service. However, PMS is a comprehensive service that offers investors a 360-degree view of their investments. As a result, investors are assisted at every step of their investment journey, ensuring profitability.

Getting started with Portfolio Management Services:

Stocks, bonds and cash equivalents typically make up a portfolio’s investments. It is dependent on the investor’s risk tolerance level on how the portfolio investments can contribute to the investor’s return potential.

Even so, as an amateur investor, it can be challenging to establish a substantial investment. Significant expertise in the market and securities is required to calculate the RRR (Return Risk Ratio- comparing potential benefits with potential losses).

PMS comes into play here.

A Demat account, which stores all your securities in digital form in an account held in your name, can be opened as soon as you choose a PMS. Shares must be held in your name in your Demat account, and thus all investments must be made in your name. Any profits or dividends earned by the investments are also credited to the bank account.

A power of attorney has been granted to your Portfolio Manager for both bank and Demat accounts. The accounts can be accessed at any time, so you will be able to see the status of your investments.

Types of PMS services:

The Portfolio Management Services provided by EquitySeeds Consultants are in partnership with some of India’s finest Portfolio Management firms. 

There are three types of portfolio management services:

EquitySeeds via its Business Partners offers following PMS services:
Kotak PMS
NHAI Capital Gains Bond-SMC
Sovereign Gold Bond Scheme
White Oak Pioneers Equity Portfolio
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You can count on EquitySeeds Consultants, no matter what your financial goals are, whether you’re looking to grow and sustain your wealth or plan for retirement.

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