Stock Research Advisory

Stock market investors procrastinate a lot. It’s wonderful that you are among the few who act upon your thoughts. Following your decision to dive into the stock market, here are some tips that can help.

What are the requirements for trading in stocks?

Documents required
PAN Card. Aadhaar Card. Canceled cheque from your active bank account. Passport-sized photographs.
Demat Account
Your stocks are stored in the Demat account which can be obtained even if your broker goes bankrupt.
Trading Account
You place buy and sell of orders through Trading account, which is managed by your stock broker.
Bank Account
Bank Account is linked with your Trading Account to transfer funds between them for trading in stocks.
Open a Trading and Demat Account with our Broking and Advisory Partner:
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Click on the image to open an account

How investors usually research which stock to buy?

1. Fundamental Analysis:

To find the best investment opportunities, value investors use this critical strategy. Stocks are analyzed using valuation metrics, among other factors, to determine whether they are attractively priced. For investors who want to achieve excellent long-term returns, fundamental analysis is the way to go.

2. Technical Analysis:

It is commonly assumed that a stock’s price reflects all information available and that prices move based on trends. The price history may help predict its future price behavior, meaning you can predict its future price behavior by examining its past price behavior. Technical analysis can be seen when someone identifies patterns on stock charts or talks about moving averages.

3. Word of mouth:

The other way to research the right stock is by listening to people regarding the stock.

No matter what strategies you follow to prepare yourself to invest in the stock, choosing Equity Seed Consultants as your financial advisor can help you choose the right and provide you with the best returns.

Why Choose Us?

EquitySeeds Consultants makes sure each and every aspect of a trade is studied well before we advice our clients to trade on our advice. Also, we have a great track record of offering decent returns to our clients in stocks trading and investing.

Choose the right option, choose us.

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