Succession Planning

Creating a succession plan protects your assets and properties, as well as your wishes for how you would like them to pass from one generation to the next. Documents like this are essential as they describe your wishes and indicate who will carry them out upon your death.

If you did not plan for succession while you are still alive & able, then your state law & probate court will decide on those matters after you pass on! In this case, the State Law & Probate court could make a decision that would not be in your family’s best interests.

How will 'Succession planning' help you in the long run?

Success and pre-planning flow hand-in-hand because “A treasure without an owner is a waste.”. In rare circumstances, family members may need further economic stability than some other close relatives due to particular necessities. A child with autism, for example, might want additional funds over their life, or even a kid traveling overseas could include specific federal aid for just a period.

A Succession Plan includes the following basic components:

When this is done you can decide who gets your assets, becomes a guardian for your children, or becomes an executor to oversee the entire estate preparation process after your death.
When you are incapacitated, this person can make financial decisions for you. Even your bills are paid, investments are managed, and legal decisions are made.
Healthcare directives serve the same purpose as powers of attorney, except that their purpose is to make all medical decisions.
Moreover, they can decide when and how your assets are distributed, as well as reducing or eliminating estate taxes for you.
Insurance policies and retirement accounts have these. When you are not around, they choose who will receive the benefits. Reviewing your designations every year is an important step.
Why Choose Us?

We at EquitySeeds Consultancy would keep track of all your assets and make sure every penny earned by you is passed onto the legal heirs or trusts.

In addition, we prioritize your opinions and the security of your assets, making sure that it is handed over to the ideal recipient even in your absence.

 Look for your choices, pick the best one, then consult us.

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