Goal Based Investing

Goals-based investing or Goal-driven investing is simply a process of defining the financial goal, timeline to achieve them and making regular investment towards it.

Goals can be any of the following based on timeframe:

Short-term: a period of a few months to a year. It includes short-term objectives. It includes cases like buying a car.
Mid-term: This refers to a period of one to five years. includes cases like buying an apartment.
Long-term: Plans that are more than five years in the future. It includes things like retirement.
What are the Benefits of setting Goals?

Goal-based investments provide both benefits and prevention towards risks in the long run. Also, it means avoiding hurried investment choices by establishing a clear framework for handling targets and choosing investing strategy to attain those targets.

According to studies, people with goal-based investment arrangements feel slightly better when they spend the cash on themselves. Realizing that your expenditures do not compromise your retirement fund or your children ’s dreams.

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