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Investing can help you put money away for retirement, a down payment, or college expenses. As your money grows over time, you don’t have to invest as much.

Starting investing as soon as you can is best – even today. First, make sure you’re paying off your high-interest debt, and make sure you’ve got an emergency fund (cash you can tap if you lose your job or face something unexpected).

Historically, investments have outpaced inflation despite the stock market’s ups and downs. It’s just a matter of spreading your risk and picking the right methods.

List of Best Long Term Investment Plans in India 2022 for High Returns

Here are the top investments in India that give high returns that Indians can use to save for their future needs or goals:

Bank Fixed Deposit (FD)

This is how investing in India was done when there weren’t many options. Investing in fixed deposits, which can be held for longer periods such as three, five, or ten years, can be safer and offer a higher rate of return that ranges between 3% and 6.5%

Post Office Savings Schemes

Postal offices also have different savings schemes, which are popular because they’re safer and offer better interest rates.

Public Provident Fund (PPF)

PPF is like Employee Provident Fund (EPF) for salaried employees, but anyone can open one. The PPF investment is meant to be held for up to 15 years, and the current annual rate of return is 7.1%.

National Savings Certificates (NSC)

A few public sector banks in India and a post office offer this as a secure long-term investment option. One can start saving in NSCs as low as ₹100, making it a good option for people from unorganized sectors too. The investment tenure is five years, and you can start saving with just ₹100.

Stocks and Mutual Funds

Stocks are the best way to get very good returns on longer-term investments. Investment stocks are a great long-term investment, or you can invest in mutual funds through a SIP.


If you’re looking for long-term investment opportunities in India, check out these options. Nevertheless, you should carefully review and examine each investment plan before choosing one to make the most of your decision.

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